CLW Fire Truck Quality Improvement Helps Fire Rescue

Modern fire trucks are usually equipped with steel ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self-propelled breathing apparatus, protective clothing, demolition tools, first aid tools and other equipment, and some of them also carry water tanks, pumps, foam fire extinguishing devices and other large-scale fire-fighting equipment. The appearance of most areas of the fire truck is red, but there are some areas of the appearance of the fire truck is yellow, some of the special fire trucks are the same, the top of the fire truck is usually equipped with alarm bells and sirens, warning lights and strobe lights. Common types of fire trucks include water tank fire trucks, foam fire trucks, pump fire trucks, elevated platform fire trucks, ladder fire trucks and so on.

fire  truckfire  truckfire  truckfire  truckfire  truckfire  truckChengli fire truck equipment box and pump room
Material: the skeleton is made of high-quality steel; the cover plate is made of aluminum alloy plate bonded structure.
Structure: the separation inside the equipment box adopts section steel structure, which is firm and reliable, and improves the space utilization rate and variability.
Door: There are aluminum alloy rolling doors on the left, right and rear sides of the equipment box, which is lightweight, reliable and with low noise.

Principle of equipment arrangement of Chengli fire truck
1. Design the equipment integration according to the combat formation and combat deployment;
2. Standing on the ground or on the pedal within 2 actions to access any equipment.
3. Design all kinds of equipment brackets according to the principle of ergonomics;
4. Place the equipment according to the logical relationship and frequency of use;

Chingli fire truck equipment layout features
1. Use rust-proof, vibration-proof, anti-dislodgement, anti-scratch special fixtures to fix all the equipment in the equipment table.
2. It can be equipped with aluminum alloy drawer, horizontal rotating pallet, flip equipment vertical bracket, so that all kinds of equipment are placed reasonably and space utilization rate is >80%.

Chengli Fire Truck Tipping Pedal
Material: high-quality Q235A steel; aluminum alloy plate (anodized).
Structure: spring and door stop double locking, safe and reliable.

Electrical system of Chengli fire truck
License plate lamp holder: it meets the regulations of GB4785 and satisfies the need of license plate illumination.
Safety marking lamps: 4 marking lamps are installed on each side of the lower part, and one turn signal lamp on each side, equipped with silhouette lamps.
Top of the cab: equipped with long rows of luxury red warning lights, siren power of 100W; siren lights, flash light circuit is an independent additional circuit, the controller is installed in the cab.

Overall technical requirements of Chengli fire truck
1、All the operation switches, meters, equipment racks and vehicles have nameplate signs in line with the specifications;
2、The appearance of the whole vehicle is beautiful and generous, and the flatness is in accordance with the provisions of GA39.
3、The performance of the whole vehicle is in line with the provisions of GB7956 "fire truck performance requirements and test methods";
4、The quality of liquid tank conforms to the provisions of GA39.
5、All bonding is leveled and firm, in accordance with the provisions of the enterprise standard.
All welds are firm and polished after welding.

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