Compressed garbage truck performance and characteristics

         Compressed garbage truck performance and characteristics

Main performance and characteristics of compressed garbage truck:

  ① Combined electric, gas and hydraulic control The control of this vehicle makes comprehensive use of the advantages of electric control, gas control and hydraulic control, through electric control to control gas control, and then gas control to control the hydraulic valve set, which has the reliability and efficiency of use.

  ② Compression The push plate control valve is equipped with a back pressure valve, which can automatically push the plate to the front of the box while realizing the two-way compression of garbage, so as to accommodate the space for garbage and high loading efficiency.

  ③ Scraper with crushing function It can crush glass bottles, tree branches and other garbage in the process of filling, saving the volume of the tank and increasing the loading capacity.

  ④ Automatic control of engine power output The engine power output control, i.e. throttle control, can be fully automatic controlled by electric, which can meet the requirements of power when the garbage is pressed and filled and pushed and discharged.

  ⑤ Frame structure The garbage box is made of reinforced beam and steel plate welded into a solid frame structure, the sides and top surface are rounded curved, beautiful appearance, light weight, good force, no deformation; push shovel is made of steel pipe skeleton and folding board, not only light structure, but also can make the garbage evenly distributed, dry discharge; filler is mainly made of filler shell, skid plate, scraper and other components, each component is made of beam plate or box type with good force. The structure is solid and light.

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