JMC 27 Meter Straight Boom Telescopic Aerial Worker

Chassis configuration: JX1041TC26 power 85KW115 hp/single cab, 2800 wheelbase, 7.00 steel wire tires, oil brake, five-speed box, front axle 2 tons, rear axle 3.5 tons, with directional assistance, with exhaust brake, original ABS, original air conditioning, multi-function steering wheel.

Front V rear H-type legs, good stability, can be operated simultaneously or individually, adapt to a variety of working conditions.

The main supporting hydraulic and electrical parts: load-sensitive proportional valves, balancing valves, controllers, etc. are imported.

The operation box of the lower leg is equipped with lighting, which is convenient for working at night, and the whole vehicle leveler is configured to ensure the level of the vehicle and safety.

The platform adopts 360-degree slewing form for left and right slewing, and the basket adopts high-strength aluminum alloy, which is flexible and lighter in weight.

Computerized control, automatic limiting, dangerous work alarm, excellent safety performance. There is a monitor on the lower vehicle, real-time display of the whole vehicle working condition.

Hexagonal working arm, synchronized telescopic, compact structure, high working efficiency and large working range. The telescopic cylinder is built-in, the hydraulic oil pipe is external, and the wire rope/chain telescopic mechanism makes it easier to observe the failure point and convenient for maintenance.

The whole vehicle adopts CAN bus control system, with neat and simple lines. The whole vehicle has three operations: manual operation of the turntable, can also be operated on the ground with wired electric control, can also be operated wirelessly for a hundred meters, more convenient to observe the operating space, standard emergency operating system, safe and reliable, high efficiency.

The rotary mechanism is adjustable for easy adjustment.

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