Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Hu Zhongxiong met with Comrade Cheng A Luo, Chairman of Chengli Automobile Group Co.

September 8, the provincial party committee standing committee, secretary of the municipal party committee Hu Zhongxiong met with Cheng Li Automobile Group Co., Ltd. chairman, general manager Cheng A Luo and his entourage, the two sides on the development of practical cooperation for in-depth exchanges

Mr. Jian Hong, Secretary General of Business Federation and Secretary General of WU Alumni Entrepreneurs Association, Mr. Yuan Changcai, Secretary of Party Committee of Chengli Automobile Group Co. Ltd., Fan Fangrui, Chairman of Changsha Yucheng Environmental Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. and Guiyang city leaders Liu Benli and Song Xusheng attended.

Hu Zhongxiong on behalf of Guiyang Guian welcome Cheng A Luo and his entourage. He said, at present, Guiyang Guian is in-depth implementation of the spirit of the twentieth CPC National Congress and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during his visit to Guizhou, unswervingly promote the industrial strength of the city, and continue to develop and grow the industrial economy, and go all out to build a "strong provincial capital" of the core engine. Chengli Automobile in the field of special-purpose vehicles brand influence, outstanding technical advantages, the two sides have a huge space for cooperation. I hope that both sides to further deepen the pragmatic cooperation, accelerate the project landing, and jointly achieve higher quality development and win-win situation. Guiyang Guian will do its best to provide good service and guarantee for the enterprise to provide a favorable development environment.
Cheng A Luo thanked Guiyang Guian concern and support for Chengli Automobile, after a brief introduction to the enterprise, he said, Guiyang Guian good business environment, good industrial foundation, market potential, the enterprise for investment in Guiyang Guian full of confidence. Enterprises will rely on Guiyang Guian industrial chain advantages, accelerate the investment layout, promote the project star landing, early production, early effect, for the local economic and social development of high-quality contribution!

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