CLW Wet & Dry Vacuum Trucks

Vehicle Description

CLW wet and dry vacuum truck is the high-end new wet and dry vacuum truck produced by Chengli Group.
In order to jointly protect the environmental governance, after 21 years of research and development of high-end new vacuum truck with international advanced level, work without dust, no secondary pollution, saving water resources, fast and efficient environmental protection. Using "electric, gas, hydraulic" drive and microcomputer control, through the fan operation, the dustbin into a vacuum state and the formation of negative pressure suction, and then through the suction cup on the ground, the ground dust, stones, weeds, leaves and household garbage and other suction can be sucked into the dustbin, you can let the inhalation of the dust is quickly deposited to reduce the blockage of the filter cylinder. Filter cylinder clogging. The product works by the pulse maintenance dust removal, the work gap is equipped with another air pump maintenance dust removal, reduce manual maintenance, intelligent timing, so as to achieve long-term continuous work. The dust suction system adopts high-power vacuum suction equipment with independent intellectual property rights, with a high degree of automation.

Vehicle parameters

1. The chassis adopted are products of famous companies with reliable quality and convenient after-sales service;
2. Break the traditional cleaning mode, from the visible garbage cleaning to the depth of cleaning changes, to solve the depth of permeable asphalt pavement cleaning problems;
3. Dry operation, no water saving water resources, to solve the northern winter road cleaning problems;
4. Dust reduction and haze control, from the source to solve the road dust pollution;
5. A machine multi-purpose - suction sweeping, including stones, coal, sand, metal dust, domestic garbage, leaves and weeds, including all kinds of garbage, to meet the suction sweeping standard and non-standard road surface requirements;
6. Constant speed control of suction sweeping speed - improves the smoothness of suction sweeping operation;
7. Hydraulic drive - smooth transmission of all working parts, stepless adjustment of operating speed, dust collection box opening and closing speed, dust collection bucket opening and closing speed, etc. can be realized.
8. Perfect function of electrical control system - it can realize fully automatic control and function preselection of walking, suction sweeping, spraying and dust reduction, alarming for electrical faults and identifying the faulty parts;
9. Additional dust-absorbing device can be assembled at will - with superior expansion function;
10. The use of high-power diesel engine, power reserves, up to 40% or more, can meet the severe operational requirements of various roadbeds and give full consideration to the diesel engine and hydraulic system of heat dissipation, both to ensure the reliability of the diesel engine, hydraulic components and long service life, vacuum cleaner will not be affected by the high ambient temperature of the operation;
11. Large-capacity dust collection box to meet the needs of a large number of vacuum sweeping operations;
12. suction sweeping function of all the manipulation according to ergonomic principles of design and layout; the operating position of the console are the best working field of vision;
13. Good vacuuming effect, cleanliness up to 99% or more, no secondary dust, no need for water;
14. High operational efficiency, a single vehicle workload equivalent to more than 40 cleaners. 
15. Wet mode of operation, equipped with pipe anti-freezing system, common in the north and south, so that the vehicle utilization rate is higher, generating greater value.


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