2022 Chengli Automobile Group Webcast Annual Meeting And Special Report

The 2022 Chengli Automobile Group Webcast Annual Meeting and Awards and Lottery Commendation Conference was held in a small area of Chengli Group Headquarters Building No. 6. It was a simple but successful victory.


This annual meeting is unique. In addition to the middle and high-level leaders of the group company and representatives of awarding and receiving awards, the group company's city and district party representatives, provincial and municipal people's congresses, CPPCC representatives, national model workers, news media and Internet celebrities are dozens of people. More than Liwan employees watched the live broadcast and lucky draw online.

The webcast annual meeting was led by Ms. Liu Shasha (pictured above), a famous host of Suizhou TV station. The live broadcast was unprecedented and received rave reviews from fans.

During the live broadcast, Cheng Aluo, chairman and general manager of Chengli Group, issued a 2021 annual work report titled "United as one to overcome difficulties and work hard to achieve steady progress", and proposed the main goals and work arrangements for 2022.


Chairman Cheng Aluo summarized and reviewed the achievements in 2021 and the problems that need to be improved and improved, made a scientific forecast and analysis of the economic situation and enterprise development in 2022, and put forward a new year's development goals with far-sighted and precise measures. Call on all employees to unite as one, continue the past and forge ahead, work hard, firmly establish the mentality of the decisive battle at the beginning, hand in a more satisfactory answer sheet in 2022, and continue to write new and exciting new chapters.


Comrade Cheng Guoqiang, deputy general manager of Chengli Automobile Group, read out the personnel adjustment and appointment documents of the group's board of directors at the live broadcast annual meeting, as well as the commendation notice for the advanced units and advanced individuals commended by the group company. According to the development needs of the group company, Cheng Daoguo, the chairman of the group company, resigned as chairman and was promoted to the chairman of the board of directors of the group company, and Cheng Aluo served as the chairman and general manager of the group company. Chairman Cheng came to the stage to give important instructions and speeches, and shook hands with Chairman Cheng Aluo for a commemorative photo.

Chairman Cheng Daoguo has been the same for decades. He has been conscientiously and creatively drawing a blueprint for the development of the special automobile industry. He has made outstanding contributions to the development of China's special automobile capital. In the history of Chengli's development, he also left a rich and colorful chapter. The smooth handover of the chairman's baton indicates that the dream of "Centennial Cheng Li" will be passed on, and Cheng Li's tomorrow will be even more brilliant!


At the live broadcast annual meeting, the group company commended and rewarded the award-giving units and individuals in each category in 2021. The following is a panoramic display of those wonderful and exciting unforgettable moments:


Cheng Daoguo, chairman of the board of directors of Chengli Automobile Group, and Cheng Aluo, chairman and general manager of the group, drew the best lucky prize for the online live broadcast.

In the past 2021, all of our Chengli people have gone through trials and hardships, created remarkable achievements with wisdom and sweat, and achieved today's brilliance with loyalty and perseverance. We are proud, we are proud, and we have no regrets. For Cheng Li people, 2022 is a year of inheriting the past and opening up the future. The group company hopes that all employees will unite closely around the board of directors, carry forward achievements and overcome shortcomings, ride the wind and waves forward bravely, and work together for Cheng Li's brilliant tomorrow and our common cause. And work hard!

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