Collection: Sludge Transport Truck

The sludge transport truck is a new sanitation truck developed for water groups, sewage treatment plants, etc. It is mainly used for the collection and transfer of sludge.
The capacity of the sludge truck ranges from a few cubic meters to more than 20 cubic meters, which can meet different sludge loading and transportation needs.
The sludge truck is mainly composed of power take-off, drive shaft, multi-way reversing valve, tank body, front top hydraulic cylinder, tail hydraulic cylinder and tank top hydraulic cylinder and manual operating system and electric control system, etc. The tank body is made of 304 stainless steel, the rear head of the tank body can be opened by the hydraulic cylinder control, the top with two hydraulic flat push cover type tank opening, convenient for loading, the cab is equipped with manual control operating system and electric control system echo, and there is an interlock device.

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