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Stage truck, is a convenient mobile performance, and can be unfolded into the stage of the special truck. It is to provide the stage for the performance of the vehicle, using the second class chassis of the truck modified. It is equipped with lighting rack, curtain hook, stage climbing ladder, under the V-shaped hydraulic stage plate, left and right box before and after the expansion of the sun visor, the four hydraulic cylinder column on the bottom side of the box, the screen before and after the expansion of the stage, the internal indoor advertising screen, LED colorful spotlights, large audio and amplifier equipment, power supply and more than 10 hydraulic systems to protect. It can be anywhere, at any time to carry out the stage for publicity as well as performance activities; stage truck systems using a hydraulic cylinder, guide column, cold-rolled steel plate, nine-celled square steel welding, the use of hydraulic cylinders to connect, forming a structure series of special vehicles.

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