Collection: Fish Transport Truck

Fresh fish transported truck is also called fresh live fishes truck, seafood transported truck, etc. With the functions of long transported time, large fish capacity, wide range of application, high survival rate, small exterior climate affects, etc. At present, this is the leading vehicles for long term distance.

the fish tank volume from 8cbm to 13cbm. Independent pump room Oxygen unit. the transportedcapacity of the fresh live fish transported truck usually 200kgs fish with 1cbm water. We can control the transported capacity according to the size of fish and time of transporting.

Fresh live fish transported truck installed with carbon steel water tank, aerator, reefer with lasting temperature, covered with exterior insulation layer, etc. The temperature inside the water tank is 8~12ºC, after 5-20 hours' distance, the transporting survival rate up to 99%.

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