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FAW 6*2 14CBM Fish Transport Truck

FAW 6*2 14CBM Fish Transport Truck

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Fresh products transport truck also known as live fish transport truck, seafood transport vehicle

Special performance of fresh product transport vehicle:

1. Live fish transport truck is the use of biology, water environment engineering, aquaculture, aquaculture water treatment engineering and other principles, with automatic control, efficient deconfouling, high pressure oxygenation, biological filtration and other modern high-tech combination.

2. The live fish transport truck uses high-tech glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials to purify water quality, optimize water environment, and utilize ecological and physiological characteristics of aquatic animals to fully reduce the metabolism of aquatic animals in live transportation, so as to extend the survival time and improve the survival rate of transportation.

3. The live fish transport truck is suitable for the high density, long time and long distance transportation of aquatic products such as freshwater fish, shrimp, shrimp, shellfish, etc. The practice has proved that the survival rate is up to 99%, and the technical indicators all rank the leading level of similar products at home and abroad.

4. Advanced glass steel or carbon steel tank transportation, compared with air transportation, transport volume is large, low transportation cost; Compared with canvas water tank and wooden water tank, it has high survival rate and good thermal insulation performance. Generators and high pressure blowers are used for continuous oxygen supply.

FAW 6*2 14CBM Fish Transport Truck

Model: CLW5250TSCCA3 Volume: 14CBML
Total Weight: 24900kg Curb Weight: 10500kg
Size of Outter: 10300*2550*3900(mm) Suction Pump: /
WheelBase: 1900+4000mm Tire Size: 11.00R20
Transmission: 5-Speed Tire Number: 8+1
Front/Rear Axle: 7T+7T/12T Brake System: Air Brake
Fuel Type: Diesel Emission Standard: Euro 6
Engine Model: CA6DK1-32E61 Power: 239kw/325HP
Displacement: 7146ml

Fish Transport Truck Standard Equipments:
Fish box volume: 12-14 square, total mass 22 tons, fish box material: inner tank aluminum alloy plus insulation layer, refrigeration system: air refrigeration, oxygen supply system: 210 liters liquid oxygen tank, different fish varieties can be used to produce oxygen or pump air oxygenation, fish car filter system: Honda generator driven water circulation to filter the water quality, fish car warehouse: Can do a number of independent bin, separate different kinds of fish.
FAW 6*2 14CBM Fish Transport Truck