Benchmark model: Chengli high-end sprinkler plant to work hard to do not slack good as the production and sales performance continues to rise profitability significantly enhanced

Where there is a will, there is a way, break the kettle and sink the boat, a hundred and two Qin passes belong to the Chu; bitter people, the sky is not a liability, lying down on firewood and taste the guts, three thousand Yuejia can swallow the Wu", the wheel of the times rolls forward, in China's special-purpose automobile and the emergency equipment market in a fierce battle of wrestling, the success of the king and defeat the enemy, strong and strong is always the same iron law; Chengli Automobile Co., Ltd. high-end sprinkler plant staff, under the leadership of the factory director Jin Zheng Ltd. high-end sprinkler plant staff, under the leadership of plant manager Jin Zheng, to overcome the difficulties and courage to move forward dare to act as a good as, has achieved impressive results, 1-August, production and sales performance continues to climb, profitability significantly enhanced, of which: June and July on the basis of the original new profit of 500,000 yuan, to achieve off-season counter-trend upward not down, but rather rise in the milestone, by the Group's party committee and the main leader of the commendation of their good practices and good as a Their good practices and good as the spirit of innovation are worth learning from.

First, conscientiously implement the Group's production and operation units on the product line "one main and two secondary" development strategy, with high-end sprinkler as the main industry, pay close attention to the associated categories of sanitation boutique vehicle innovation and upgrading to enhance profitability.

Jin Zheng plant manager has a classic mantra: "Repeat to do simple things, seriously do repeat things, innovation to do serious things, do not forget the original intention, oar and walk", he is in the automobile company under the collective leadership of the core team, the appearance of high-end sprinkler painting design, assembly process, structural optimization, material selection, key components, and other important links, continuous improvement and innovation, so that the explosion of sprinkler net increase in the number of orders to rapidly increase its products are exported to Africa, the Middle East, as well as the "One Belt, One Road" along the line of countries and regions.

At the same time, the high-end sprinkler plant on the two new blue-plate intelligent multi-purpose compressed garbage trucks and high-end anti-collision cleaning trucks featured products, favored by the users, enhance product competitiveness, steady growth in sales, so that their own profitability significantly enhanced. High-end sprinkler plant put forward a loud slogan and goals, advocating "offline is a fine product, factory is a brand-name" spirit of craftsmanship, the development of new factory products, requirements to do "on the stage must be wonderful, listed must be explosive", to brand and product competitiveness to enhance the new image of the enterprise. The brand and product competitiveness to enhance the new image of the enterprise.

Second, grasp the grass-roots party branch construction and the red culture of inheritance and leadership, the center of the party branch party building work on the team, the fine revolutionary traditions melted in every aspect of the workshop, to good as and clever as a breakthrough point.

In the high-end sprinkler directly under the plant workshop, in addition to the youth demonstration post, party members vanguard post, everywhere overflowing with the unique charm of the party's red culture, inspiring everyone to strive for strength and move forward, even in the high temperature this year's hot summer, all cadres and employees battle high temperature fighting heat, they use their own hard work and sweat and flash of youth, for the time half of the task half of the established goal to hand over a satisfactory answer, the names of these strivers, although we can't remember the name of its name, but they all have a familiar common name, called Cheng Li people!

Third, the workshop "6S" standardization normalization as an entry point, invigorate the spirit of cohesion, the group building and production and sales tasks closely integrated, dare to fight and win the battle to lead the team steady development.
  In the high-end sprinkler plant management team, the workshop director and team leader often off in the mouth, the implementation of things in action, is to strictly grasp the workshop site "6S" standardization, normalized management, we have a common perception, and understand a truth, that is, "a house is not swept, why sweep the world", in the production and management, the production and sales tasks. The world", in the production and management, must start from the small things, from the little details to start, every day the workshop group work morning meeting, require every employee, every process, every scene, must seriously do a good job "finishing, reorganization, cleaning, cleaning, literacy and safety" six links, the workshop site clean and clean. The workshop site is cleaned and cleaned up, and the staff has a new mental outlook, full of passion and energy for work and production.

This young and energetic team, from production to sales, from management to operation, job responsibilities clear ideas, the quality consciousness, safety consciousness, responsibility consciousness throughout each link in the production of the workshop, the product picture, parameters, configuration and corporate culture, through the propaganda wall to focus on display; in the workshop to open the live broadcasting room, so that the production, sales to form a perfect closed loop, the user to the workshop to visit the clear at a glance clear! Understand.
  At the same time, through the characteristic grounded group building activities, enhance team cohesion and self-improvement pressure, mutual incentives to carry out sales and orders than learning to catch up with the activities, stimulate the fighting force of the wolf team, the executive force, and firmly establish the spirit of hard work to win the battle, leading the team to steady development.

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