Cheng Aluo, General Manager Of Chengli Automobile Group, Attended The Meeting Of Hubei Provincial Leadership Group For Promoting The Development Of Private Economy

On April 9, our province convened a leading group meeting to promote the development of the private economy and a forum on private enterprises in the province, to listen to the opinions and suggestions of private entrepreneurs on epidemic prevention and control, resumption of production, and revitalization after the epidemic. The development of private economy and private enterprises.


The Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee Ying Yong pointed out: Private enterprises have created more than 50% of the province ’s GDP, about 60% of taxes, more than 70% of technological innovations, more than 80% of new jobs, and more than 90% of market players. Facing the epidemic situation, the majority of private enterprises and private entrepreneurs in our province take the initiative to assume social responsibilities, directly participate in prevention and control work, actively donate money and materials, and fully guarantee production and supply. Our province has made major contributions to the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.


Affected by the epidemic situation, the development of private enterprises in our province is temporarily facing difficulties and challenges, but at the same time, we must also see that the development of private economy is facing a favorable opportunity of "three-phase exchange".


Ying Yong pointed out:

First, the period of consolidating the achievements of the "epidemic" war. Currently, the province's epidemic prevention and control has achieved important and periodic results. The resumption of production and production is better than expected. The economic and social order that is compatible with the normal epidemic prevention and control is accelerating.


The second is the slow-release period of development kinetic energy. Our province has obvious location advantages, resource advantages, market advantages, labor advantages, and investment advantages. It has huge development potential and strong development resilience. The economic development has a long-term good fundamentals and internal strength. The trend has not changed; under the impact of the epidemic, the new economy, new business forms and new models have been accelerated, and the development of new infrastructure, housing economy, and digital economy has accelerated, bringing opportunities for enterprise innovation, technological transformation, and product

Ying Yong emphasized:

It is essential to insist that development is the essential principle, put steady growth in a more prominent position, and make every effort to promote the resumption of production and the resumption of the market.

We must pay more attention to improving the return rate and productivity of enterprises; pay more attention to the leading role of leading companies and key enterprises in the industrial chain, and promote the coordinated resumption of production and resumption of production in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain; To help agricultural product processing companies and other companies to open up sales channels and speed up "going global".

It is necessary to fully implement the policy of "promoting economic and social development of 30" and other enterprises to aid enterprises, reduce costs and reduce burdens for enterprises, do everything possible to promote stable employment, encourage enterprises to increase investment in Hubei, and absorb more local labor in the province; Make efforts to eliminate various obstacles, and promote the safe and orderly flow of personnel in and out of the province with the health code, and return to employment smoothly;

It is necessary to fully support the reform and development of private enterprises, optimize government services, create a better legal environment, market environment, business environment and social environment, build a new relationship between government and business, and organize special activities for party committees and governments at all levels to visit enterprises and service enterprises. Help enterprises solve practical difficulties, coordinate the advancement of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, better cultivate and strengthen market players, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

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