Chengli Automobile Group And Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Comprehensively Deepen Strategic Cooperation

On the afternoon of February 14, Li Junzhi, general manager of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. and head of the marketing headquarters, led a high-level business team to visit Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd. for the first time. Market research and work guidance for the opening battle of the first quarter of 2022 .


Other main leaders of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. are: Zhang Jingfeng, Assistant General Manager of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.; General Manager Tang Shengqiang, Vice Minister of General Management Department of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Zhou Fangping, General Manager of Application Engineering Center of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Marketing Headquarters Yin Siwei and other important guests.


Cheng Aluo, Chairman and General Manager of Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Cheng Guoqiang, Secretary of the Group Party Committee and Chairman of Chassis Company, Liu Feng, Deputy General Manager of the Group and General Manager of Chengli Chassis Supply and Marketing Company, Yang Jinzhu, Deputy General Manager of Chassis Supply and Marketing Company, Other leaders and responsible persons participated in the business exchange and docking symposium.


Dongfeng and Chengli Group have cooperated since 2009, and it has been 13 years so far. Steady development has been achieved in product development, business expansion, after-sales and vehicle sales; this comprehensive deepening of strategic cooperation mainly focuses on the following aspects:

The first is to strengthen the protection and optimization of resources; the second is to maintain the stability of market prices; the third is to increase the exposure limit; the fourth is to expand relevant business policies; and the fifth is to strengthen the allocation of inventory vehicles.

Chengli Group hopes that Dongfeng Co., Ltd. can assist in the allocation of resources in the overall market, and maintain the supply balance and scientificity of Chengli chassis storage and sales.


In response to the above framework points for deepening strategic cooperation, the main leaders of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Junzhi and his party made work arrangements and arrangements respectively. With the goal of "win-win, common development", in the new journey in 2022, we will work closely with each other in all weathers and all hours, and work hand in hand to realize a new business format of 1+1 greater than 2, and jointly develop the college auto market.


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