Chengli Automobile Group Crane Truck Specialized Factory High-end National Sixth New Product Launch Recommendation Conference Was Grandly Held

At the end of May, Chengli Automobile Group's heavy-duty crane professional factory held a 2020 high-end National Sixth New Product Launch Recommendation Conference. At the meeting, the sales elites of the old and new factories and guests of related units were invited to the site to observe the operation demonstration of the new products. The host of the meeting introduced in detail the important knowledge points such as performance indicators and technical parameters of mainstream models of new products.


At the recommendation meeting, the biggest highlight was the Chengli Howo CLSQZ3600 folding truck-mounted crane, which is a hot-selling product of a professional heavy-duty crane factory with a vehicle torque of 360T.m and a maximum working radius of 15.5m. The height of the whole car is 3.3m~3.5m, the lowest in the same model in China! Can be adapted to more construction in different scenarios. The length of the whole vehicle is only 12m, which can reduce the turning radius of the whole vehicle and increase the flexibility of the vehicle. The curb weight of this vehicle is only 42 tons, which is superior to all domestic manufacturers in the same industry and can improve better fuel economy. At the same time, the heavy-duty crane professional factory also provides various types of high-end product types from 240T.m to 720T.m to meet the different needs of customers.


In addition, at the new product launch recommendation meeting, the heavy-duty crane professional factory also showed a "fist product" independently developed by the factory-the 22-meter Jiangling aerial work truck. The product is made of imported high-strength materials, with good reliability, four-section working arm and three-section synchronous telescoping, high operating efficiency and wide operating range; there are displays on the vehicle and the working bucket, which can display the working status of the vehicle in real time. Wireless intercoms are equipped on and off the vehicle, which improves work efficiency.


The truck is also equipped with a DC emergency electric pump, which is very intimate for emergency protection. The working bucket of this model can rotate 90 degrees, and the turntable can rotate 360 degrees, which greatly improves the work flexibility. In order to verify the reliability of this product, the host also invited some on-site sales staff to have an actual experience. All sales staff who have experienced this product have raved about the stability and reliability of this model. The model also provides various types of models from 16 meters to 31 meters for customers to choose from.

After the exhibition, the sales staff at the scene remained enthusiastic, and actively consulted with the host and the staff of the heavy crane professional factory. Finally, under the lively scene of the hot sales orders of the sales elites, the exhibition of the heavy crane professional factory came to an end.

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