Chengli Automobile Group's Product Technology Innovation And High-quality Development Results, Lightweight Polyurethane Foam High-end Cold Storage Trucks, Pickup Trucks, And Complete Sets Of Garbage Station Recommendations Will Lead The New Trend Of The S

In the special-purpose vehicle and emergency equipment industry, with the increasingly flat and homogeneous competition, if the special-purpose vehicle industry wants to stand out and seize the commanding heights of the market, its product technology innovation, transformation and upgrading, and high-quality development are a test of whether an enterprise can The only rule to be steady and go far.

Chengli Automobile Group


Chengli Automobile Group, as a leading professional automobile enterprise in the top 500 private enterprises in China, has explored a sustainable development path with continuous technological precipitation and technological innovation in the practice of focusing on the automobile and emergency equipment industry for more than ten years.


Through more than ten years of technological innovation, Chengli Lightweight Professional Factory has successfully developed a polyurethane foamed refrigerated truck process, fully vacuum foamed polyurethane, and after filling the bottom plate of the refrigerated truck, the impact resistance and rolling functions have been enhanced. Under the working condition of fixed or mechanical platform, it can freely and conveniently drive into the compartment to load and unload goods, which saves the labor cost of cargo loading and unloading and improves economic benefits; at the same time, the refrigerated truck compartment treated by polyurethane foam technology can maintain a constant temperature after refrigeration. The state time has been enhanced, preventing the loss and diffusion of air-conditioning, improving the thermal insulation effect, saving the energy consumption and carbon emissions of the main engine and the refrigeration unit, and being highly sought after by users in the market.




At the same time, the Yuhu 7 product recommendation meeting and the 2021 annual appreciation meeting jointly developed by Chengli Commercial Vehicle Factory and Jiangling Company for pickup truck wrecker trucks were also held on December 15.

The advent of this new product solves the industry problem that ordinary wrecker vehicles cannot be transferred to rescue in a short distance in a timely manner in low-level environments such as underground garages and highway tunnels, and fills the market gap in the special automobile industry in Suizhou. The new products will play a great role in flood fighting and emergency rescue in Zhengzhou, Henan and Liuzhen, Suizhou in 2021, and are favored by users. The orders are full of rave reviews. In just over half a year, more than 500 vehicles have been produced and sold, and the development prospects are very impressive.

The following are the 2021 Chengli Jiangling Pickup Appreciation Meeting and the 2022 Chengli Jiangling Yuhu 7 pickup new product launch recommendation meeting, the event scene highlights:



Comrade Cheng Guoqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy General Manager of Chengli Automobile Group, delivered a speech at the conference.




Xiang Dong, head of Chengli Jiangling Chassis Division, made an annual work report.




Zhang Sihua, director of Chengli Commercial Vehicle Professional Factory, introduced the performance and product competitiveness of the 2022 Yuhu 7 pickup truck to the participants and guests.




The award-winning guests who participated in the conference came to the stage to receive cash deduction coupons.

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