Chengli Group 2021 Economic Work Conference Was Grandly Held


This newsletter  As the New Year’s Day of 2021 is about to usher in, Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd. held a grand 2021 economic meeting in the meeting room of the headquarters building on the afternoon of December 30. Working meeting. Sitting on the rostrum from left to right were Guo Chuanwen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Group, Cheng Guoxiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Executive Deputy General Manager, and Chairman of Chassis Sales Corporation, General Manager of the Group, Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. chairman Cheng Aluo, group company chairman Cheng Daoguo, group party secretary He Ruan, group company’s new executive general manager Zhu Wu.


The leaders and persons in charge participating in this annual enlarged meeting are: all the senior leaders in charge of the group company, as well as the general managers of the directly affiliated factories, professional factories and group member factories of the group company, and the heads of the group's 32 management service departments, totaling nearly 300 people Attending this meeting, the meeting was chaired by Comrade He Ruan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company. This is a grand meeting that inherits the past and continues the past, and is also an important meeting of turning significance for changing new ideas, determining new ideas, and promoting new development. The 2021 Economic Work Conference of Chengli Group is guided by the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, combined with Chengli’s 14th Five-Year Plan to make a major strategic layout adjustment, which is Chengli’s "Double Hundred" project. lay a solid foundation. This conference put forward the "three adjustments and two transformations" (organizational structure adjustment, leadership adjustment, product structure adjustment, from scale expansion to quality and efficiency, from traditional management mode to modern management mode, and from product Shoucheng's grand plan to transform into product innovation.

Comrade Guo Chuanwen read out the red-head documents on the adjustment of the organization and the adjustment of the senior leadership team, and notified the assembly of the establishment of 13 subsidiaries after the adjustment of the organization and the candidates for the general manager.

Afterwards, the general manager of the group company Cheng Aluo made the 2021 economic work report of Chengli Group.

In his speech, Mr. Cheng first reported the good news to everyone: On the morning of December 25th, the group company held a celebration meeting. As of 10:38 in the morning of the same day, the output value of Chengli Group’s special steam has exceeded 7.5 billion. The output value of the special automobile reached 7.558 billion yuan, successfully fulfilling the goal of this year.

The achievement of this achievement is the result of the tenacious hard work and joint efforts of all Chengli people. As the senior and middle-level managers of the group and the heads of the production units, everyone present here has made outstanding contributions. I would like to express my sincere thanks!


The following is an excerpt from the core part of Cheng's work report, which is mainly reflected in three aspects:

(1) Review of major work in 2020:   

2020 is an extraordinary year. The difficulties and problems we are facing: the new crown epidemic; exports are blocked; product quality is unstable; technological innovation is insufficient. Chengli people did not fear hardships and dangers, and worked together in the same boat, finally turning crises into opportunities and maintaining the stable development of the company. 

Main work done in the past year:    

1.Establish a profit center, emphasizing that no profit center does not operate. Thirteen subsidiaries were registered, legal representatives were clarified, duties and powers were clarified, and the enthusiasm of various business sectors was mobilized, and the development of production and operation was promoted.

2. Pay close attention to the decomposition of output value to the factory, and the output value of 7 billion yuan to more than 100 production units one by one, carry out senior management guarantee service, middle-level factory service, and achieve clear indicators and clear responsibilities. Each sector is implemented one by one, and one by one is effective.   

3. Improve the performance appraisal system, adopt the method of "one person, one table, one report per week, and one month appraisal", using data to speak, and all work performance is reflected in the data, forming a competitive situation where you catch up with each other and supervise each other. 

4. Insist on finding loopholes to make up for shortcomings. Each business segment has found at least one loophole every quarter and made up at least one shortcoming every year. Safety production, chassis supply and marketing, commission reform processing, announcement certification and publicity matrix have been carried out. Improve and perfect, and the enterprise management level has been further improved.

5. Pay attention to equipment upgrades. The new plant's medium and heavy truck production line, high-end sanitation truck production line, and the introduced domestic advanced Kaiping production line have been completed and put into production this year, providing a guarantee for improving production technology and promoting product upgrades.

6. Seek multi-party partners. Foton and the company signed a purchase agreement for 2000 units, and Jiangling took the initiative to sign a chassis direct supply agreement. The main leaders of Dongfeng, Jiefang, Jianghuai and other automobile groups have visited Chengli many times to conduct business inspections and held new product promotion conferences in Suizhou.

7. Implement the marketing strategy of "a group of wolves fighting a tiger". In terms of domestic sales, continuously increase sales segments and sales teams; recruit sales elites; timely adjust sales incentive policies; complete the construction of after-sales service outlets in 320 prefecture-level cities across the country. In terms of export sales, aiming at the "Belt and Road" and "Maritime Silk Road", we set up an overseas marketing department to continuously expand the international market.


At the meeting, Comrade He Ruan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company, made a concluding speech. He asked everyone to closely focus on the spirit of the 2021 Economic Work Conference and earnestly implement the tasks of the meeting. The management and service departments of the Group Company closely cooperate and cooperate. They are young and middle-aged cadres who are newly adjusted and supplemented. They must lead by example and take the lead in completing the overall work of group company board deployment in a comprehensive and efficient manner.
Secretary He urged everyone that the new year is coming. The responsible comrades of the 13 subsidiaries and various departments must have a sense of urgency and mission. After the meeting, they must quickly break down tasks and implement tasks one by one from the factory to the post. Forget the original heart and move forward courageously, and strive to win a beautiful staged victory from the end of the year to the beginning of the first quarter. While focusing on production and sales on the one hand, and institutionalized prevention and control of the epidemic on the other hand, achieve a good start in the first quarter of 2021.
Finally, Secretary He mentioned that the New Year’s Day is coming, I would like to express my holiday greetings to everyone in advance, and wish a complete success in 2021 to complete the goal of 8.5 billion special-purpose automobile production value.

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