Chengli Group 2021 Part Procurement Bidding Work Conference was Held Grandly

This newsletter In late January, Chengli Automobile Group held a grand 2021 bidding meeting for parts procurement in the meeting room No.1 of Building No. 8 of the headquarters.


The meeting was chaired by Comrade Guo Chuanwen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and Chairman of the Labor Union of Chengli Automobile Group. Representatives of component manufacturers and suppliers participated in this annual procurement bidding meeting.

General Manager Cheng Aluo emphasized at the meeting that 2021 is the "Quality Year" of Chengli Automobile Group. The company must carefully grasp the quality of raw materials and accessories from the source of parts procurement. This is the quality of production process and process quality. The prerequisites of vehicle quality and service quality. I hope that the winning company will cherish the opportunity and strictly control the product quality. The group company will establish a large database and regard quality and integrity as the basis for mutual cooperation. The company’s supervision department will conduct random inspections at any time and monthly Inspection, re-inspection every year, and dynamic tracking management.


The company has repeatedly emphasized that if you don’t pay attention to quality, you don’t pay attention to integrity. This is the last word. No one should touch this high-voltage red line. Once the regulations are violated, they will be included in the blacklist of dishonesty. Any of its products or raw materials.Only in this way, if the loopholes in the quality source are secured, the product quality of Chengli Company will be further improved, and the high-quality development of the enterprise will have reliable means and system guarantees.


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