Chengli official website sprinkler latest configuration and use of the introduction

People want to live in the green of life, we love the blue sky, long for green water, we want to breathe fresh air, the earth needs green, life needs health. However, with the rapid development of economy, the environment we live in is getting worse and worse, and environmental protection is the eternal theme of our sustainable development. Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that regards quality as its life.

Sprinkler is usually modified on the chassis, are equipped with nozzles for sprinkling, washing, spraying, greening, firefighting interface, so that the sprinkler is more widely used. With the development of national economy and the increase of projects, sprinklers have the need to develop all over the world. With the implementation of the national automotive industry policy, the state will strengthen the certification management of sprinklers, coupled with the attention of enterprises and the continuous update and development of products, the performance and quality of domestic sprinklers continue to improve. At present, the national government attaches great importance to environmental protection.

Sprinkler truck is also known as sprinkler truck, multifunctional sprinkler truck, gardening sprinkler truck, water carrier. Sprinkler truck is suitable for all kinds of road washing, tree, green belt, lawn greening, road, site washing, with water, dust pressure, high and low level spraying, pesticide spraying, guardrail washing and other functions. Dust pollution is prevalent in many areas, due to dry weather, the air has long exceeded the standard of solid particles is not a new thing, and this and dust has a direct relationship. Every metropolis will appear dust, urban sanitation workers sweep the ground, will cause a certain amount of dust, sprinkler not only to complete the task of water transport, but also in the process of driving to complete the sprinkler operation. Therefore, the sprinkler car has a tank-type special vehicle equipped with water tank, pump, nozzle and piping system, so that the water flow has a certain pressure, sprayed by the nozzle to the road. Sprinkler can mainly be used for road cleaning, reduce dust flying, improve the cleanliness of the air, summer can also play a role in cooling, landscaping, industrial dust removal fire first aid. Winter can moisten the air, clean the road and play a role in preventing influenza.

China's sprinkler special chassis generally use Dongfeng, Jiefang, Foton and other second-class chassis. At present, the more used is the Dongfeng Dolica sprinkler, as people protect the environment, energy saving and emission reduction awareness degree of awareness gradually strengthened. In addition to its own design, it also takes into account energy saving and environmental protection when equipping tires, so it adopts energy-saving and environmentally friendly tires. Compared with other brands, it is more fuel-efficient, so it is in line with the public's favorite.

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