Chengli's High-end Imported Iveco Welfare RV and Benz Wireless Communication Control RV Become the New Favorite of The Market

Chengli's High-end Imported Iveco Welfare RV

Chengli brand high-end welfare RV, adopts imported Iveco New Daily National VI chassis: large space 5998mm X 2010 mmX 2648mm, air suspension, Hi-Matic 8-speed automatic transmission; 3.0-liter diesel engine, 180 horsepower, torque 430N·m; emissions Directly meet the national six b standard! Equipped with adaptive cruise control system, automatic lane keeping assist system, crosswind body stabilization system, steep slope descent control system, traction control system, automatic emergency braking and city brake assist, queuing assist system, automatic LED headlights and other functions, greatly Improved intelligent driving assistance and safety performance, bringing the highest level of in-vehicle life and driving experience.
With the development of the times, the welfare of the disabled and the increase in the proportion of the elderly population, the popularization of welfare modified vehicles has received attention. The emergence of this kind of welfare vehicle wheelchair system largely solves the difficulties of the elderly, the disabled, and the medical escorts with inconvenient mobility. The electronic control system for welfare wheelchairs, also known as "welfare seats" or "accessible car seats for the disabled", originated in Japan. The welfare vehicle wheelchair system is a professionally imported welfare vehicle wheelchair intelligent system based on commercial vehicles for special groups of people, so that the disabled and the elderly can get rid of the inconvenient lifestyle. In recent years, the concepts of "barrier-free" and "normalization" have gradually penetrated and applied to all areas of society. At the same time, the concept of "humanized design" also makes the travel more free, convenient, safer and more comfortable for the elderly, the handicapped, and escort persons with mobility impairments!
Benz Wireless Communication Control RV
The Mercedes-Benz Spint 524 bus chassis is used as the carrier platform, and the comprehensive integration is based on equipment such as audio and video collection, face recognition, public opinion monitoring, and directional dispersal. There are office deck area, electric hammock rest area, toilet area, tea bar area and driving area inside. In order to meet the actual needs of the public security departments for rapid response to emergencies and rapid equipment in place, a new, mobile and flexible multifunctional special police equipment vehicle has been developed. The whole vehicle has the principles of technological advancement and quality reliability, and adopts advanced automobile chassis and equipment, which can fully guarantee the completion of tasks such as emergency rescue, anti-terrorism, violence handling, and explosion elimination.
The RV body adopts the original shape of Mercedes-Benz Spint. There is a huge Mercedes-Benz logo on the front of the car. The whole car is equipped with a stylish surround. A large area of privacy glass is installed on the side. The rear is a split door and a large aluminum alloy wheel. , The overall feeling is atmospheric, simple and stable. The imported Mercedes-Benz Spint 524 lengthened version is 6.9 meters long and has a huge body space.
In terms of power handling, the imported Mercedes-Benz Spint 524 extended version still uses the energy-saving and efficient 3.5L displacement V6 engine, equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, ESP electronic tracking stability system, even if it is a slightly heavy body, You will not feel muddy while driving.
The interior of the imported Mercedes-Benz Spint 524 extended version of the passenger car is also as high-specification as before. Looking at the entire rear cabin, the interiors of the deep and shallow two series are staggered, but they do not appear complicated at all. On the contrary, they create an excellent spatial sense of hierarchy. The yacht-grade teak floor of the whole car, imported first-layer cowhide as the main body to cover the seats and inner wall of the body, and a large number of piano paint wood veneers are added to decorate the luxury. The roof lights and wall atmosphere lights further enhance the luxurious atmosphere of the car. High-tech configurations such as electric sunshades, electric side sliding doors, electric pleated curtains, electric lift beds, and electric lift TVs are more advanced.
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