Create a competitive specialized automobile industry cluster and continue to call the brand of China's special-purpose vehicle capital.

July 7, Suizhou City held a special automobile industry transformation and upgrading research forum. Qian Yuankun, secretary of the municipal party committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, emphasizing the need to conscientiously implement the provincial party committee's special meeting and the provincial party committee's main leaders to come with the spirit of the research and study speech, and actively docking the "HanXiaoSuizhouXiangXi" trillion automobile industry corridor construction, to do a strong industrial chain, do the innovation chain, do the best ecological chain, accelerate the promotion of the transformation and upgrading of special-purpose automobile industry, to form the competitive market of the industrial cluster. Industrial clusters, continue to call "China's special automobile capital" brand.
Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Kike attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
Before the meeting, the participants visited Suizhou Wuhan University of Science and Technology Industrial Research Institute, a detailed understanding of the research institute in the special automobile intelligent, network connection and other aspects of the results achieved. At the meeting, the city's Economic and Information Bureau, Zengdu District, responsible comrades reported Suizhou City, special-purpose automobile industry transformation and upgrading ideas and related work, the relevant departments, platforms, industry associations and enterprises around the promotion of special-purpose automobile industry transformation and upgrading of the opinions and suggestions.
The meeting pointed out that Suizhou is the capital of China's special-purpose automobile, and the special-purpose automobile industry is the first pillar industry. At present, the automobile industry to accelerate the upgrading of the industrial ecology to accelerate the reconstruction, which brings opportunities and challenges for the transformation and development of Suizhou special automobile. To seriously analyze the situation, firm development confidence, seize the development opportunities, focusing on special-purpose vehicle electrification, intelligence, network connectivity and other key directions, to promote the special-purpose vehicle product series, high-end, standardized development, the formation of market competitiveness of industrial clusters, and strive to build the province's one trillion automobile industry corridor supporting area and the national new energy intelligent commercial vehicle production base.
The meeting emphasized that we should aim at the direction of industrial development, adhere to the integration of the transformation of the upper and lower loads, in accordance with the principle of "electric power, hydrogen hydrogen, oil oil", to promote the upgrading of the upper loads, the chassis for electricity, intelligent empowerment, focusing on logistics, sanitation, emergency, culture and tourism, hazardous chemical transportation and other advantageous areas and key categories, and to increase support for the leading enterprises! To promote product iteration and update, consolidate and enhance market share and industry influence. To give full play to the Specialized Vehicle Research Institute, Industrial Research Institute and other platforms, to provide strong support for key technology research, cutting-edge product research and development; to gather more innovative elements, adhere to the "do not seek to be located, but seek to be used", and improve the diversified attraction of talent, talent mechanism; to speed up the Specialized Vehicle Inspection and Testing, product sales, after-sales service and other key system construction, to create a good industrial development ecosystem, to create a good environment. Create a good industrial development ecology.
Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Party Committee Secretary General Chen Xingwang, Municipal Party Committee, Vice Mayor Huang Jijun, municipal government party group member Liu Junwei attended the meeting. Suizhou High-tech Zone and the city of development and reform, science and technology, market supervision and other departments responsible for comrades, Hubei Specialty Vehicle Research Institute, Suizhou Wuhan University of Science and Technology Industrial Research Institute, China Unicom (Suizhou) Industrial Internet Research Institute, the city of the automobile industry associations and the main person in charge of the relevant enterprises to participate in the meeting.
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