Damei Chengli Welcomes National Day, Begins a New Journey with Endeavor

"Home is the smallest country, the country is ten million families", with a strong motherland, there is a rich and healthy home, this is the Chinese people's most simple expression of patriotic thinking, but also the ordinary people's most sincere feelings of homeland; October 1, 2023, the People's Republic of China will usher in the 74th anniversary of the birth of the great mother, we sing for you, praise you, cheer you up! Great Mother, we sing for you, praise you and rejoice for you!

There is a kind of pride called Chinese; there is a kind of pride called Chengli soul; there is a kind of leap called Chengli speed; there is a kind of enterprising called Chengli vigor; there is a kind of mission, Chengli only make the best special-purpose vehicles!

There is a kind of responsibility called craftsmanship; there is a kind of responsibility called persistence and concentration; there is an attitude called active work, positive action; there is a kind of sentiment called silent dedication, upward mobility, industry to serve the country!

There is also a kind of attachment, called the great beauty of Chengli!
If the place with the most negative oxygen ions in the world is Davos, Switzerland.

Then, the freshest air in the garden-style modern factory is the beautiful Chengli Industrial Park.
Chengli Specialized Vehicle Equipment Industrial Park panoramic bird's-eye view of the beauty of the far and near lens

Garden-style factory scene shocking, magnificent, building facade modeling roc wings fly to the sky
No. 8 main office building, square shape and stable

Echoing with the factory workshop dressed with green trees.

Vegetation and greenery are in perfect harmony with each other.
European-style office building No. 1 in the autumn sunshine, glittering and magnificent

Clinging to the green trees, pouring out the words in our hearts.
Fresh air surrounded by green plants, simple and classic pavilions and eaves, showing the peacefulness and vitality.

Cheng Li employees work in the garden to chase and play in their spare time, or stay for a short time.

Or quietly read a page of a book, listen to a song, here is the harbor of the soul!
Chengli Automobile (Zengdu) Industrial Park Chengli Avenue South Gate and Workshop, Green Tree Side Standing and Covering

The eight sides of the road are open, and the wealth is rolling in.

It is so beautiful that people will stop and marvel at it and forget to come back.
Under the blue sky and white clouds, the panoramic bird's-eye view of the new factory is full of meteorological and poetic

Like an exquisite colorful painting, just like the Jiangnan in the dream.
Here, again in a trance, is a sea of specialized vehicles and emergency equipment

Every day, Chengli's products roll to the four corners of the world.

Every scenic spot is embedded with the green gene.
The test site for commercial vehicles in the new factory's all-area terrain is thriving with birdsong and flowers.

Interpretation of the secret of the smart factory with the symbol of green life
The mirror lake is clear and flat, and the breeze creates ripples.

Water pavilions and vermilion-colored platforms, corridor bridges that stretch to the sky.
Carved fences and open roads, rows of green trees and new flowers.

Damei Chengli, the beauty of the environment at a glance!
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