Deputy Director of the National Health Commission Wang Hesheng and His Party Inspected Chengli Automobile Group's Core Production Base of Medical Emergency Industry Equipment Manufacturing

News from our newspaper (correspondent Qin Song reported) Recently, Wang Hesheng, deputy director of the National Health Commission and deputy director of the State Council’s Medical Reform Commission, Tu Yuanchao, director of the Hubei Provincial Health Commission, Zhang Xianfeng, director of the Provincial Center for Disease Control and Accompanied by Zhang Jian, secretary of the Zengdu District Party Committee, and other leaders, they inspected the core medical emergency industry equipment manufacturing base of Chengli Automobile Group Zengdu Automobile Industrial Park.
Cheng Aluo, general manager of Chengli Automobile Group, and Cheng Guoqiang, deputy secretary of the party committee and executive deputy general manager of the group company, accompanied Wang Hesheng and his party and urban leaders throughout the process to visit and report on the work.
Chengli Automobile Group Party Secretary He Ruan also participated in the work report. ‍
Chengli's new negative pressure ambulance is widely sought after by market users.
Chengli's high-end anti-epidemic disinfection vehicle is very popular in the terminal market and is favored by customers.
Director Wang Hesheng and other leading guests successively inspected the medical emergency equipment manufacturing workshops such as Chengli Medical Ambulance Factory, Medical Transport Equipment Depot, and Rescue Depot, and conducted on-site understanding of the production process.
The leaders inspected various work in the workshop and production area, affirmed Chengli's outstanding contribution during the epidemic, praised Chengli's production capacity, and provided guidance on the future development of Chengli's medical field.
Director Wang Hesheng emphasized that it is hoped that Chengli Automobile Group will continue to increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, provide more advanced medical special vehicles for the medical system, and make new contributions to the cause of health.
General Manager Cheng Aluo expressed his deep gratitude for this, and said that although his efforts in fighting the epidemic in the first half of this year were insignificant, all sectors of society have given Cheng Li a high honor for his responsibility and dedication. The State Council also sent a letter of appreciation to the company. The outstanding contribution of the government and superior leaders at all levels encouraged Cheng Li to increase scientific and technological innovation and investment, to make the enterprise stronger and bigger, and to add new brilliance to the Made in China 2025.
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