Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., Li Zhengrong Led a Team to Chengli Automobile Group to Strengthen Strategic Cooperation

News from our newspaper (reported by Correspondent Liu Qingfeng) On October 10, Li Zhengrong of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. led a special class of product research and development, chassis, announcements, and sales and services to visit Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd. to carry out special-purpose vehicle market support fusion work.
Cheng Aluo, General Manager of Chengli Automobile Group, Liu Feng, Assistant General Manager, Liu Heng and Shi Lei of Chassis Department attended the communication meeting.
This business docking conference mainly involves the rapid advancement of new product development in the special-purpose vehicle market. The first is to develop a 2950 wheelbase light truck cold chain small logistics vehicle to solve high-limit operation scenarios such as vehicles entering supermarkets, basements, and cold storage. The second is the implementation of the city’s blue-brand lightweight hazardous chemical vehicles to solve the old problem of restricted access to the city by large hazardous chemical vehicles; the third is the technical issue of increasing the effective utilization rate of the 3800 wheelbase series of sanitation vehicles.

At the meeting, the main leaders of the two parties made strategic arrangements for the development of new products. Both the host and the guest were also full of confidence and expectation on the market potential of the new products.
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