Little genius kindergarten to visit Chengli Automobile Industrial Park, first-hand experience of crane products, accept the baptism of truck culture and science

Report from our correspondent (special correspondent wang changyou) Recently, suizhou genius baby kindergarten staff organization of the park outstanding children class group representatives of more than 60 people, the collective visit Chengli special truck industrial park to learn the knowledge of special automobile culture and carry on special automobile popular science education baptism.

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The person in charge of Chengli special truck company professional crane truck factory and the staff of the company's publicity planning department received the visiting children.A pair of naive and curious eyes full of thirst for knowledge, a bright sunny smile, all the way to a group of energetic songs and laughter formation, in the industrial park formed a bright landscape.

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Children not only organizational discipline, and constantly to the teacher when view chengli special purpose vehicle and uncle aunts various simple direct science questions, designed steam is experienced in the learning culture at the same time, the characteristics of suizhou history and culture is also very interested in, the children revel in the chengli welcome hall bells ancient magic atmosphere.

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In the exhibition of site of Chengli crane truck, the talented babies were full of awe and curiosity to these giant hercules. The teachers and the site staff patiently and carefully explained the general knowledge of science of lifting equipment for the children, satisfied their curiosity and received a baptism of special steam knowledge culture.

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The robotic arms of crane trucks that reach the sky, neatly arranged like steel soldiers on parade, greet the children in silence.Genius baby class group small vanguard people happily and car heros group photo, little baby innocent said, we grew up to open these big crane, for mom and dad, grandparents earn more money, buy a lot of their favorite toys and things.

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