Qian Yuankun went to Chengli Group for research

September 3, municipal party secretary Qian Yuankun to Chengli Automobile Group Co. He stressed that Chengli Group should play a leading role as a leading enterprise, aiming at electrification, intelligence, standardization and other development directions, to promote the production, sales, service and other aspects of the whole chain of transformation and upgrading, and to promote the Suizhou Specialty Vehicle Industry to achieve the quality and quantity of Qiqiqi rise.

During the research and discussion, Chengli Group reported the company's production and operation situation and transformation and development ideas in detail, Zengdu District, the city's Economic and Information Bureau around the development of service enterprises, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the special-purpose automobile industry and other speeches.

Qian Yuankun pointed out that:

Suizhou is the capital of special-purpose vehicles in China, and the special-purpose vehicle industry is the first pillar industry. Municipal party committee five seven plenary session anchored to promote the city and industry to focus on high-quality development objectives and tasks, the automobile industry transformation and upgrading of the deployment arrangements, clear "1335" development ideas. Chengli Group, as the city's leading enterprises in the specialized automobile industry, should always be in the forefront of transformation and upgrading to optimize the development model to promote the quantitative enhancement to product iteration, brand empowerment to promote the qualitative leap to accelerate the realization of the annual output value of the specialized automobile more than 10 billion yuan of the development goals.

Qian Yuankun emphasized that

To play Chengli Group in the scene, qualification, scale and other aspects of the advantages, and constantly improve the production and business model, strengthen the construction of internal public service facilities, to attract the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, especially the key parts and components of the enterprise cluster, to extend the industrial chain, improve the supply chain, and promote the development of industrial chain clusters. To speed up the equipment for core, production line, machine for man, continue to promote sanitation, emergency and other advantageous products iterative upgrading, and constantly improve market share, enhance core competitiveness. To upgrade the top as an important hand to enhance the added value of the product, the introduction of advanced production processes and quality certification system, to promote the standardization of the top, intelligent, artistic development. To seize the new energy commercial vehicle wind mouth, live with the new energy commercial vehicle production qualification, and one for the new energy, era of electric and other enterprises, with the help of suizhou wuhan university of science and technology industrial research institute and other r&d platform, strengthen the new energy automobile chassis, vehicle lightweight and electronic control common key integration, chassis and uploading the powertrain integration of the key technology r&d, in the new race track to run out of acceleration. To improve the whole life cycle management from product to service, extend the service chain, better serve users and meet diversified needs.

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