Sanitation garbage truck daily maintenance and cleaning methods

At present, the state is paying more and more attention to environmental protection throughout the country, a variety of remediation efforts are increasing, requiring some units and departments must have the appropriate treatment measures and sanitation vehicles, the previous open-air emissions and manual burial treatment is no longer allowed, with increased penalties, companies are investing more and more in environmental protection projects. National environmental protection projects are moving toward a healthier life for people, sanitation work more intelligent era, more and more sanitation vehicles on the road, better city construction, a variety of sprinklers, garbage trucks, road sweepers frequent shuttle in the city's streets and alleys, they are like beauticians within the city's blood vessels, purifying the city's blood, so that the beautiful cityscape a new glow.

The role of sanitation vehicles in urban environmental protection is becoming increasingly important, and the workload is getting heavier and heavier, in which garbage trucks do the dirtiest and most tiring work, bear the humiliation and hard work, we see a lot of garbage trucks on the road are dirty, due to the daily workload, rarely pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, but in fact, garbage trucks work for a long time, the surface of the body and the internal accumulation of dust and garbage will cause lines and pipeline components Wear and tear, the studio load increases, often clean the vehicle and overhaul key parts can avoid many parts damage accident increased service life, the vehicle does not maintain the short with a two or three years will not work, well maintained with 5-7 years are not a problem, usually spend a little time on the car, you can save the money to buy a new car, do not act quickly!
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