Shaanxi shines in Jingchu" Chengli Automobile Group Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck" witnessed the manufacture of hardcore technology and 1000 special vehicles strategic signing

On June 16, Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and its member companies visited Shaanxi Automobile, and the two sides discussed and exchanged views on topics such as sharing quality resources, deepening cooperation and providing better quality products and services to customers.

Mr. Zhao Chengjun, Sales Director of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck and General Manager of the Sales Company, expressed a warm welcome on behalf of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck to the leaders of Chengli Automobile and introduced the market situation of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck in 2023. In 2023, Shaanxi Auto will continue to grow its market share through the regional markets.

In 2023, Shaanxi Auto set up a special vehicle breakthrough project team in Suizhou to increase its market share in the region. Mr. Zhao said that in 2023, Shaanxi Auto and Chengli Automobile will continue to establish extensive and in-depth cooperation, strengthen the three-dimensional and all-round cooperation of special vehicle models in various market segments, and jointly provide customers with the most satisfactory products.

Chengli Automobile leaders said that the two sides have initially completed product development and announcement layout of special vehicle segments such as sanitation vehicles, truck cranes and special vehicles, etc. In the face of competition in the domestic special vehicle market, the two sides still need to join forces to jointly complete the layout of the full range of special vehicle products to meet the challenges of the special vehicle market and enhance the market share of both sides.

Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck and Chengli Automobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement for 1,000 vehicles on the spot. The signing laid a solid foundation for further cooperation, and the two sides will promote further cooperation through marketing, technology, announcements and other comprehensive support, and jointly assist the high-quality development of both enterprises.

Bao Weidong, Vice President of Shaanxi Heavy Truck Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Wei Bingliang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice General Manager of the Sales Company, Tian Ming, Vice General Manager, and Ma Li, Vice General Manager, accompanied the company.

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