Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Leaders to Chengli Automobile Group to Inspect and Guide the Steady Development of the Core Industry of Special Automobile and Emergency Equipment

News from our newspaper (reported by Correspondent Liu Peilin) It was rainy and sunny, and the gold breeze was cool; on October 8, Chengli Automobile Group's four major manufacturing bases all went up and down, fighting in full swing at the moment when the production and sales of “Golden Nine and Silver Ten” were booming After welcoming Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Qian Yuankun, he led the city leaders to investigate enterprises in Zengdu District. The first stop was to visit Chengli Automobile Group’s new plant to inspect and guide the joyous event. This is also the joy of Chengli Automobile Group. The cadres and employees have achieved the goal of 7 billion in the production value of special automobiles, and strive to sprint the production value of 7.5 billion in special automobiles, which has added greater motivation and confidence.

Accompanying Secretary Qian Yuankun's investigation and inspection were Wu Chaoming, the deputy mayor in charge of industry, Zhang Jian, secretary of the Zengdu District Party Committee, as well as relevant leaders of the municipal departments and the person in charge of the Zengdu Economic Development Zone.

Cheng Aluo, General Manager of Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Cheng Guoqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy General Manager, He Ruan, Party Secretary, Zhang Huosheng, Director of the Service Center of the General Manager Office, and Cheng Xiangyang, Director of the Production Command Center of Chengli New Plant, attended the reception report.

Cheng Aluo, the general manager of the legal representative of Chengli Company, reported to the leadership of Secretary Qian Yuankun and his entourage the main achievements and contributions of Chengli Company as a leading and leading enterprise in Suizhou special automobile over the past ten years; especially in 2020 In the past years, Chengli Company has overcome the impact and impact of the epidemic, and all employees have overcome difficulties and turned crises into opportunities, seized opportunities to create opportunities, actively resumed work and production, innovated ideas and products, and timely developed mass-produced high-end negative pressure ambulances, Marketable emergency equipment and new products, such as multifunctional dust suppression and disinfection vehicles, anti-epidemic vehicles, nucleic acid sampling and detection vehicles, and medical waste transfer vehicles, have achieved the strategic goal of booming production and sales, making up for the lost time. Taking back the lost market, the company's performance this year is expected to exceed the output value tasks assigned by the municipal party committee, municipal and district party committees, and district government.

General Manager Cheng Aluo also introduced to Secretary Qian the construction and development plan of the new plant as a key model project of the “Ten Demonstration Actions” in Suizhou City. Chengli Automobile Group held an economic development project in Zengdu District on December 18, 2015. The district establishes a project for the construction of 50,000 light trucks, 10,000 new energy vehicles and special vehicles and parts. The total planned investment of the project is 1.2 billion yuan, 1,000 mu of land will be acquired, and the construction will be completed in three phases. The first and second phases of the project have all been completed and put into production. The third phase covers an area of 252 acres, and newly builds 150,000 square meters of production workshops, science and technology buildings, and office buildings. New production lines for medium and heavy-duty trucks and lightweight, intelligent, and high-end environmental sanitation There are 4 vehicle production lines, supporting facilities such as water supply and drainage, power supply and distribution, roads, greening and lighting in the factory. The total investment of the project is 400 million yuan, of which 350 million yuan has been completed.

At present, 4 workshops have been completed and put into production, the main construction of the complex has been completed, and the interior decoration is in progress. After the project is completed, it will have a production capacity of 12,000 special-purpose vehicles, realize an annual output value of 1 billion yuan, profit and tax 100 million yuan, and drive 460 jobs; the project is a key project of Suizhou City’s “Ten Demonstration Actions” and is fully completed. After being put into production, it will make positive contributions to the Suizhou Demonstration Zone for striving to practice quality.
Secretary Qian was very satisfied with Cheng Li’s development and construction, and urged the entourage to list special research topics to lay a better foundation for the construction of the new industrial city in Suizhou. At the same time, he encouraged Cheng Li to lead the development of the special-purpose vehicle and emergency equipment industry and add new momentum to do Leading companies in good places set an example.

Chengli Automobile Group's environmental sanitation series vehicles are far ahead in the domestic terminal market, and the production and sales have been ranked first in the country for ten consecutive years.

Chengli's high-end negative pressure ambulance, nucleic acid sampling and testing vehicle, and various other special vehicles and emergency equipment have been dispatched in batches every day.

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