5 Good Standards For A Good Truck Crane

1. The girders of the special chassis for truck-mounted cranes are higher than the chassis of ordinary trucks, and should be thicker. When the crane is hoisting, the anti-torsion and anti-tension ability is stronger. The girders of ordinary truck chassis are usually 250mm-300mm, and they are double-layer girders. The girders for the special chassis for truck-mounted cranes are 280mm-320mm. The whole body is three-layer or two-layer, and is supported at the front, middle and rear. The position with greater force is three layers. If the whole place is to be strengthened, the girders of the special chassis for the hoisting crane are basically three-layer thick girders, and the reinforced reinforced leaf spring can also be the whole vehicle driving and lifting. It is safer in the process, and the load-bearing capacity and tensile strength of the vehicle are more powerful, and the performance of the truck-mounted crane can be exerted.

2. The installation and distribution position of the gas storage cylinder, battery and exhaust pipe of the special chassis of the truck crane is more suitable for the crane installation, avoiding improper operation such as welding and cutting of the chassis, and the crane can be installed without damage to the chassis.

3. The special chassis for the truck-mounted crane adopts a special gearbox, and the special power take-off device is pre-installed, and the air circuit and circuit of the chassis are not changed. The common rail model is pre-installed with an electronic throttle converter. Any changes to the engine are required.

4. The special chassis of the truck-mounted crane has a power take-off device to strengthen the suspension device of the vehicle, so that the axle load distribution of the truck-mounted crane during driving is more reasonable.

5. The hoisting structure of the truck should be selected. Because the hoist is kept in the high state after the crane is installed on the crane, the crane is constantly swaying during the driving process. During the lifting work, The girders have to bear a strong squeeze. The girders just protect the girders very well, reduce wear and share the squeezing, so they will not cause any damage to the girders, ensuring that the girders will not be deformed and will not be cut. Moreover, the cargo box with the auxiliary beam structure is pressure-resistant and firmer!
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