Chengli Newly Researched And Developmented High-end Detachable Garbage Trucks Are Welcome In The Market

Since the Chengli Compression Equipment Factory and the Environmental Sanitation Equipment Factory are deeply integrated, the high-end detachable garbage trucks jointly developed and produced have been put into mass production and have won the fans of users with their excellent quality and reputation.
The detachable garbage truck is also known as the hook arm truck. Due to its advanced production technology, stable performance, simple operation and high cost performance, the terminal market has continued to grow steadily.
The truck’s sleeve arm (also called telescopic arm) has strong lifting force, low dead weight and stable performance; the unique buffer design improves the protection of the equipment and the ground when the hook box and the box are unloaded.
The vehicle is equipped with rear outriggers to enhance the stability of the vehicle during loading and unloading. It adopts a unique hydraulic locking design. The key components are high-quality imported parts to maximize the safety and stability of the pull arm hook.
The truck can be matched with a variety of trash bins, and work with multiple trash bins for cyclic transportation, making full use of the transport capacity of the vehicle. Its main performance characteristics are:   
1.The movable hook arm is selected, which can be applied to a variety of boxes with different lengths. The box body and the chassis can be completely separated, and several equipment boxes can be configured according to user requirements to realize one vehicle with multiple uses and circular transportation.   
2. The secondary beam of the pull arm hook is designed with high-strength steel plate, and the control system adopts pneumatic control mode. It can be operated wirelessly inside and outside the cab. It has the characteristics of simple operation, strong reliability and stable performance.   
3. The arm hook is designed and manufactured according to European standards, and the product has high reliability. Equipped with a mechanical dump lock mechanism and a hydraulic box lock structure to effectively ensure the safety of the box during transportation and dumping.   
4. The whole vehicle can be optionally equipped with a rear roller support mechanism or a bridge support mechanism to avoid head-lifting when operating the vehicle and improve the safety of the vehicle.
5. Safety, reliability and ease of operation are fully considered in the design. The sequence and safety considerations of the action of the car body support and the locking hook are reasonable design. In special circumstances, the optional unit can be used to meet higher requirements.   
6. Imported high-pressure plunger pump and four-position pneumatic pilot valve are standard, equipped with accessories such as enlarged fuel tank. The pressure resistance of the high-pressure tubing of the hydraulic system: ≥450 BAR. Stable and reliable operation, easy to maintain. Overload protection is set for the total pressure of the system and the unit valve block. Lifting cylinders, sliding cylinders, rear box lock cylinders and rear stabilizing devices are equipped with load holding valves.   
7. Hydraulic interlocks are set up between functional circuits such as sliding hook arm, self-unloading of the box, loading and unloading of the box, and locking of the rear box to avoid misoperation.
Compression box structure and material technology introduction
The side of the box adopts a circular arc structure, which improves the strength of the force. The sealing and locking of the back door is the most reasonable structure for our company based on market feedback. The back door is equipped with all labyrinth sealing rubbers and a double lip structure, which has a good seal. Function, can effectively avoid the dripping and leakage of sewage in the process of compression and transportation; the front turning bucket can reach a lifting weight of up to 2 tons, with a volume of 4 cubic meters, and a maximum of 5 cubic meters. The head design can play a role in crushing bulky garbage and increase the density of garbage compaction.
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