Correct Handling Method For Emergency Situations In Fire Trucks

Safety of the fire truck is the most important. It is necessary for the owner to understand how the vehicle is handled in an emergency. Not only can you avoid some accidental injuries, but also prevent the adverse consequences of some wrong operations.

The direction suddenly lost control key action: grab speed reduction
When the direction suddenly lost control, the fire truck seemed to be a dislocated wild horse, rampaging. At this time, you should immediately stop the deceleration, use the slow handle brake or use the foot to step on the brake pedal (point brake) to stop the car as soon as possible, do not use too much when using the foot brake, so as not to slip, brew Into greater danger. At the same time, regardless of whether the steering system is effective, the steering wheel should be as far as possible to the natural obstacles such as roadsides or trees, so as to stop at the roadside. I can't see the temporary road conditions are good, I am lucky and barely keep driving.

Brake suddenly fails key action: grab speed reduction
When the brake suddenly fails, you should find a way to stop as soon as possible. Quickly disengage the high gear and grab the low gear, use the engine's idle speed to reduce the speed of the vehicle, and grasp the direction. According to the principle of “first let people make things”, avoid dangerous targets, drive to the roadside, and safely park. . If the situation is urgent and the hand brake is effective, the braking force should be fully utilized, but it should not be pulled too hard at one time to prevent the high-speed rotating moving parts from being damaged by violent braking and losing the braking force. If the brakes fail on the way downhill, you must not be lucky because the traffic conditions are temporarily good, otherwise the speed will be faster and more uncontrollable. At this time, the fire truck should be decisively rubbed against the natural obstacles such as slopes, trees and rocks on the roadside to minimize accident losses.

The main action of the tire bursting suddenly: tighten the throttle in the direction of the throttle

If the front tire suddenly bursts during driving, the fire truck will immediately turn to the side of the broken tire. At this time, both hands should try their best to control the driving direction, relax the throttle, ensure that the vehicle slowly sails to the side of the road, smoothly decelerate, and use the engine to pin down. The resistance makes it stop by itself. Before the speed of the vehicle is reduced, you must not rush to use the brakes, otherwise it will be prone to severe yaw.

If the rear tire suddenly bursts during driving, the  fire truck will sway, but the direction will not go out of control. At this point, the brake can be repeatedly depressed to shift the load to the front wheel, and grasp the direction to stop by the side of the road.

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