Correct Use Of The Truck Crane For 10 Years


Proper use of the engine. Lubricate the lubrication parts of each bearing before driving. The water temperature should be started below 40 to 50 degrees after commissioning. It is forbidden to work for a long time or low speed. Before stopping, remove the load and reduce the speed. The water temperature should be adjusted after parking in winter. Reduce to 40~50 degrees, put in the net cooling water. Always maintain the engine, keep the machine in good condition. Always observe, check frequently, find faults, and eliminate them in time.


Run-in. This is the basis for extending the service life. Whether it is a new car or an overhauled engine, it must follow the procedure and be put into use before normal operation. The oil is clean, the water is clean, the air is clean, the body is clean. Diesel engine and gasoline engine are the main engine. If diesel and gasoline are not pure, the precision of the car body can be worn out, and the clearance will increase, causing the oil, oil and oil pressure to decrease, the gap, and even the oil plug and the bearing bush to burn. Serious breakdown.

If there is a lot of dust in the air, it will accelerate the wear of the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring. If the cooling water is not pure, the cooling system will be blocked, prevent the engine from dissipating heat, the lubrication condition is poor, the body wear is serious. If the body is not clean, the surface Will be corroded and shorten the service life.


Oil feet, water and air. When diesel, gasoline and air supply are not timely or interrupted, starting is difficult, combustion is poor, power is reduced, the engine is not working properly. If the oil supply is insufficient or stopped, the engine will be lubricated, the body will wear out, and even Burning the tiles. If the cooling water is short, the machine will overheat, the power will drop, wear and increase, and the service life will be reduced.


Check fasteners. In the use of diesel and gasoline engines, bolts and nuts are easy to loose due to vibration and load. Each component also has adjustment bolts to avoid loosening and damage to body accidents. Valve clearance of diesel or gasoline engines, The distribution stage, fuel supply advance angle, injection pressure, ignition time, etc. should be checked and adjusted in time to ensure that the engine is always in good technical state to save fuel and prolong service life.
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