How Can Garbage Trucks Save Oil?

1. Frequently check the degree of wear of the tire. If the wear is serious, the drive wheel often slips, which will increase the fuel consumption. At this time, the tire should be adjusted or replaced with a new one.

2. Before each operation, first check the air pressure of the tire. If the tire is under-inflated, the fuel consumption will increase. When the tire pressure is too low, the tire stiffness will decrease, the deformation will be severe after the load, the shoulder will partially land, and the tire will be enlarged. Rolling resistance, the lower the air pressure, the greater the deformation of the tire, the more power the engine consumes. Therefore, the higher the fuel consumption, the higher the tire pressure, although it is conducive to fuel economy, but it accelerates the wear of the middle part of the tread and shortens The life of the tire. Only by keeping the tire pressure in line with the standard is an important measure to reduce tire wear, save fuel, eliminate hidden dangers and extend tire life.

3. During driving, if the wheel has abnormal noise and the rotation is not normal, it will affect the speed of the vehicle and increase the fuel consumption. Therefore, the bearing and brake system should be checked frequently.

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