How To Listen To The Sound When The Crane Truck Is Faulty

Many experienced Dongfeng crane master can identify faults by the sound of the vehicle, so as to find problems in time and prevent them in the future.

Scream: It's harsh. This is a relatively good discovery, but also more common, usually braking problems.

Impact sound: The impact sound of a heavy metal iron. It is likely that the engine fixture will be impacted when the engine speed changes due to severe wear and tear over a long period of time. But it may also be caused by damage to the front and rear suspensions of the car, or by too little transmission fluid.

Tapping: The sound is similar to a heavy tapping, but less loud. When this kind of sound appears, the car owner wants to consider whether the use of inferior gasoline, if the use of low-quality oil may also appear explosive sound.

Click: It may be the damage of the universal joint of the drive shaft, or it may be caused by a small stone in the tire hitting the tire or the loosening of the bending of the fan blade.

Hoarse: Like a balloon leak, most of them are air conditioning or cooling system problems. If the cooling system fails, you can see the liquid at the bottom of the car. In addition, the sound can also occur when the tire leaks or the engine vacuum chamber leaks.

Re-knock: Like a dull knock on the door. This situation is mostly caused by the internal causes of the engine, probably due to vehicle aging, bearing or engine valve damage can also be caused.

Whistling: Most of them occur when the car is turning. It may be that the fan belt is loose or worn out. Sometimes the tire is short of air, and this kind of sound also occurs.

Buzz: It sounds like a bee. Its appearance is likely to be a part loosening, plastic or metal
parts at the bottom of the engine and fixing bracket loosening of air conditioner or compressor is the most common.

Boom: A kind of "whoop..." comes out of the car. The cry. It is likely that the ball bearings in wheels, compressors or pumps are damaged, or that air conditioners or compressors are malfunctioning.
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