Precautions For Maintenance Of Tank Trucks

One: the tanker should start gently

Sudden acceleration will consume several times more gasoline than slow acceleration, avoiding sudden acceleration and rapid deceleration.

Two: average speed driving

The average speed of a tanker is 60-90 km/h. When the tanker is hung in the highest gear, it is the most fuel-efficient at economic speed, and the speed is too high or too low to be good for fuel economy.

Three: reduce the use of brakes

Braking is essentially a process of energy conversion, meaning energy consumption. When passing through intersections, downhills, and corners, the throttle should be lifted in advance and hoisted into the low-speed gear to naturally slow down the tanker, which saves oil and ensures safe driving.

Special note: Try to avoid peak travel, which is also a good way to save fuel costs. Many drivers said that it takes only half an hour to drive when they are open, but it may take more than an hour at the peak. The extra tanker is also burning oil.
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