Several Things You Must Know When Buying A RV

First, understand the infrastructure outside the RV

Outside the RV, there are more external facilities than the car. It is usually divided into a fuel filler port, a water injection port, a charging port, a storage box (there may be a generator or a gas tank inside), an awning, an outdoor light, and a boarding car. Common facilities such as stepping; some models have external expansion bins, and will also be equipped with external kitchen, external shower, external TV, rear ladder, bicycle frame and other facilities. Before using the car, you must master the use of external facilities.

Second, understand the infrastructure inside the car

1. Bed: The bed is an essential part of the RV. It is generally divided into a top double bed, a sofa bed, a tail bed, a lifting bed, etc. Before you get on the bus, you must confirm the number of beds and the way to change the bed. Bed linen, quilt and other daily necessities.

2. Sofa: The front part of the RV compartment is usually a meeting area with a sofa, a lifting table, an external push window, a storage cabinet at the top, a wall inside the sofa, a 220V five-hole socket, or a 12V USB socket. Charging all kinds of portable appliances.

3. Kitchen: The RV can be divided into built-in kitchen and external kitchen, with stove, sink, range hood, microwave oven, car refrigerator, etc. (The specific facilities will be different according to the model.) Please pay attention before viewing the car. The various facilities and how to use them.

4. Bathroom: The toilet in the RV is usually not large. It can be divided into a whole bathroom or a wet and dry separation type toilet. Usually, there are internal showers (some models will have external showers), toilets, sinks, makeup mirrors and other infrastructure. If the conditions permit, it is best not to use the toilet in the car. After all, the space inside the car is limited, which affects the air quality.

5. Entertainment systems such as TV: The interior of the RV is usually equipped with an LCD TV (with satellite antenna), which is located at the front of the car. Some models are equipped with a TV at the rear or outside the car, and are in transit through the car inverter. The TV can also be used. Check the status of various electrical equipment and remote controls before boarding.

6. Intelligent control panel: The RV is usually equipped with an intelligent control panel, usually located above the side door of the car or inside the seat of the card seat. It can be controlled by the control panel to control the lighting, electrical appliances, or the water level of the water tank.

Third, the car water

1. Water tank classification: There are three main water tanks on the RV, namely the clean water tank, the sewage tank and the black water tank. The clean water tank is the water tank for storing drinking water and filtering water; the gray water tank is the water tank for collecting ordinary waste water, such as bath water and washing. Domestic water such as vegetable water; black water tank is a water tank for collecting waste water discharged from the toilet. (You can check the usage of each tank on the control panel)

2. Add water to the water tank: Before the trip, you can add water to the water tank of the RV according to actual needs. You can also replenish water at any time when you drive out. If you need to travel far, you can also prepare water storage equipment or install a water tank. However, too much water storage will increase the fuel consumption of the train. Excessive load will also affect the speed of the vehicle. It is also important to keep the water fresh.

3. Shower: Bathing is the largest part of the amount of water used for traveling. If you want to take a bath, please look for a place with external water source and sewage, then you can ensure sufficient water. If you need to take a bath in a place where water is not convenient, you need to save water because of the limited capacity of the independent tank.
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