The Display Screen Of Mobile Billboards

The mobile billboards display screen is composed of light beads, P is the meaning of point spacing, point spacing refers to the distance between the light beads, the unit is mm.P3 refers to the spacing between display beads is 3mm, and P4 refers to the spacing between display beads is 4mm.The smaller point spacing is the bigger bead density is, the resolution of display screen will be more clear.


What is mobile billboards screen point spacing?

The simplest explanation is that the point spacing, measured in millimeters, is the distance between the centers of two adjacent LED pixels.General indoor LED display point spacing is  4mm~20mm;Outdoor LED display points spacing is 10mm~34mm or even higher.Among them, the point spacing of indoor LED display screen is less than 4mm, which is called indoor small space, and the point spacing of outdoor small space is generally between 6~8mm.With the continuous development of LED technology, the point spacing of LED display screen is also constantly refreshing high.


Why is mobile billboards point spacing important?

For LED display, point spacing directly affects the optimal viewing distance.The smaller the space between the dots on the display, the more pixels there are on the display, and the clearer the picture will be.The smaller the number of dots, the closer your audience can see your screen, the greater the visual impact, and the better the presentation.

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