What Should You Pay Attention To When Driving A Garbage Truck?

1. The relevant operations should be carried out according to the correct method of use. For the crane truck, the important part is the chassis and the engine. If the owner does not control it according to the correct method of use, the chassis damage of the engine is very large. Therefore, the owner should strictly abide by the operating conditions on the operating instructions.

2. For new hoisting garbage trucks, it must be long enough and sufficient mileage to make the truck internal parts work better when used for the first time. In addition, you must choose a slower speed forward instead of raising the speed and then slamming the brakes.

3. Regularly replace the working oil in the cylinder. The correct oil filling method is ensured when the working oil is changed. Open the screw plug first, then pour the new oil into the hole above. When part of the new oil enters, start the engine to check if the infusion is correct. After repeating twice, start the garbage truck to complete the entire infusion. rubbish truck

4. Check if the garbage truck has oil leakage. If the hydraulic system shows signs of oil leakage, stop using it immediately and take it to the nearest repair shop for repair.

We can see that the contribution of garbage trucks to human beings is still relatively large. The emergence of garbage trucks makes the sanitation workers more convenient. Everyone must pay attention to the places of attention during the driving process, so as not to make the garbage trucks unable to normal work!

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