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40000L trailer oil tank truck

40000L trailer oil tank truck

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Oil tank truck: also known as mobile refueling truck, computer tax-controlled refueling truck, oil tank truck, oil loading truck, oil transport truck, oil pulling truck, oil transport truck, edible oil transport truck, mainly used for the transportation and storage of oil derivatives (gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar and other oil products).
According to different uses and use environment there are various functions of refueling or oil transporting, with functions of oil absorption, oil pumping, multiple oil dividing, dividing and releasing, etc. The special part of the oil truck is composed of tank, extractor, transmission shaft, gear oil pump, pipe network system and other components. The pipe network system is composed of oil pump, three-way four-position ball valve, two-way ball valve, strainer and pipe.
40000L trailer oil tank truck

Model: CLW9402GYYLV Volume: 40000L
Total Weight: 40000kg Curb Weight: 6800kg
Size of Outter: 11300*2500*3750(mm) Suction Pump: oil Pump
WheelBase: 5500+1310+1310mm Tire Size: 11.00R20
Transmission: / Tire Number: 12+1
Front/Rear Axle: 24T
Brake System: Air Brake

 Oil tank truck Standard Equipments:
Tank body 4.5mm , head 5mm , single tank with pump, Pump in and Pump out, European standard tank port, with subsea valve.3 inches Aluminum alloy emergency shut-off valve with automatic closing device.
40000L trailer oil tank truck