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Saic Chase V90 4x2 extended shaft all-round version of the RV

Saic Chase V90 4x2 extended shaft all-round version of the RV

Drive Type:
Emission Standard
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This Recreational Vehicle is a load-bearing body structure, using independent front suspension + leaf spring non-independent rear suspension suspension, mechanical hydraulic steering power, front and rear disc braking, front and rear drive, rear twin tire drive form, Equipped with ABS+EBD+BAS, central control door lock + remote control key, engine electronic anti-theft PATS, front electric Windows, ESP body stability system, main driver airbag, uphill assist, steel hub, pre-tightening seat belt, 8-way adjustment seat, original horn, electric belt heating external rearview mirror, LED daytime running light, automatic induction lock, automatic headlight, Astern radar, multi-function steering wheel, LCD instrument, fixed speed cruise, front high power heating and cooling air conditioning, etc., even the novice RV can easily and comfortably drive.The RV body is equipped with electric telescopic pedal, manual awning 10 meters, external charging cable, external kitchen, etc., to meet the basic needs of outdoor camping.

Saic Chase V90 4x2 extended shaft all-round version of the RV

Model :


Maximum torque: 375NM
Total Weight: 4495kg Curbe Weight: 3350kg
Size of Outter: 5940*2110*2830(mm) Number of axes: six
WheelBase: 3760mm Tire Size:


Transmission: 6AT Tire Number: 6
Tank volume: 110L Power allocation: 48V5/3000W
Fuel Type: Diesel Emission Standard: Euro 6
Engine Model:


Power: 110kw/150HP
Displacement: 1996ml

Maximum speed


 Standard Equipments:

This Recreational Vehicle vehicle for the middle door, thickened double door design in the car, behind the cab reception area, kitchen area, bathroom, sleeping area, using the screen door and window lighting system, the corner of the reading light is also very careful installation in place. The middle of the sofa is a lifting table, and the table is equipped with induction stove and cup trough, which is convenient for dinner party. The side of the table is designed with an embedded booth, the wine cabinet is convenient for drinking during business negotiations, and the reception area can be transformed into a bed for workers to rest. In terms of film and television entertainment, a 24 inch smart LCD TV is configured above the cab. The kitchen table is designed with a washing pool, and the side of the cabinet is designed with a folding table top, which can be put away when not in use and does not take up space. There are microwave oven and special refrigerator for temperament rising RV, which is convenient for heating and keeping fresh food. Wet and dry bathroom room is designed in a pull type design area, there are portable RV toilet, shower shower, vanity mirror, shelving and so on. The rear of the car is a sleeping area for the vehicle, with enough space for two adults to sleep. The starry roof above conceals an electric lift bed with a high density elastic mattress, a bed board in the middle of the bed that can be tucked away, and double doors at the back that can be opened to create a way in and out of the middle door or back door, which is convenient for camping.

Saic Chase V90 4x2 extended shaft all-round version of the RV
Saic Chase V90 4x2 extended shaft all-round version of the RV