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Dongfeng 4x2 5000L truck mounted mist cannon truck

Dongfeng 4x2 5000L truck mounted mist cannon truck

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Dongfeng truck mounted mist cannon truck: front washing, rear watering, side watering, rear installation working platform, equipped with high-pressure water cannon (360 ° rotation, adjustable column, maximum range of 35 meters, adjustable fog, maximum range of 15 meters (straight, heavy rain, moderate rain, light rain, light rain can be adjusted), equipped with high-quality high-power special spray pump, microphone, debris filter, national standard universal 65 type fire interface (water can be added through fire hydrant) 2 water distribution steel wire rubber hoses. The water pump, current collector, ball valve, and filter are all national standard products. Thickened main pipe, thickened flange gasket and flange plate, large diameter ball valve, excellent performance, reliable operation, high efficiency, and large flow rate. The rear fog gun can effectively suppress haze and dust.

The water mist particles sprayed by the truck mounted mist cannon are extremely small, reaching the micrometer level. In haze weather, liquid mist can be used to reduce dust, decompose and dilute the particle concentration in the air, effectively decompose pollution particles and dust in the air, and effectively alleviate haze.

Truck Mounted Mist Cannon



Volume: 5000L
Total Weight:


Curbe Weight:


Size of Outter: 6300*2050*2700(mm)



WheelBase: 3308mm Tire Size: 7.00R20
Transmission: 5-Speed Tire Number: 6
Front/Rear Axle: 1.8T/3.5T Brake System: Air Brake
Fuel Type: Diesel Emission Standard: Euro 3
Engine Model:




Displacement: 3700ml

Fog gun


 Standard Equipments:
The ZX-30A  truck mounted mist cannon is equipped with a diesel 8kw generator set, a 2.2kw water pump, a 3KW fan motor, and aluminum alloy fan blades. Double ring stainless steel spray ring with central thunderbolt nozzle, 30+20 stainless steel spray adjustable nozzles, using imported PLC control, imported relays, imported travel switches, well-known domestic brand control switches and wireless remote controllers, with higher standards in the same industry, ensuring product stability in all aspects and extending product service life. Wireless remote control operation (100 meters) and manual operation. The atomization distance is30 meters

Truck Mounted Mist Cannon