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FAW 4*2 Heavy Duty Clearance Truck

FAW 4*2 Heavy Duty Clearance Truck

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        Wrecker Truck is mainly used for road fault vehicles, urban vehicles and emergency rescue, cargo consignment, machinery transportation, etc. It is also known as tow truck, road rescue vehicle, tow truck, with a number of functions such as lifting, pulling and lifting traction.

Jiefang 4*2 Heavy Duty Clearance Truck

Model: CLW5181TQZCA3 Tension: 10000kg
Total Weight: 18000kg Curb Weight: 13630kg
Size of Outter: 8860*2520*2950(mm) Loading position: Rear end loading
WheelBase: 4700mm Tire Size: 235/75R17.5 16PR
Transmission: 9JS119A
Tire Number: 6+1
Front/Rear Axle: 6-SPeed
Brake System: Air Brake
Fuel Type: Diesel Emission Standard: Euro 3
Engine Model: WP4.1Q140E50 Power: 140kw/190HP
Displacement: 4700ml

 Standard Equipments:
      It is mainly composed of chassis, lifting device, lifting and traction device, hydraulic system, electric control system, car body and tool box, etc. It has many functions such as lifting, tugging and lifting and traction, and is suitable for highway and urban road clearing operation. According to the category, it is mainly divided into: towing and crane conjoined type, towing and crane separated type, one towing type, flatbed one towing type, multi-functional clearing vehicle, hydraulic automatic clamping type.

jiangling  4*2 Wrecker Truck