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HONGYAN 6*4 22CBM Compressed garbage truck

HONGYAN 6*4 22CBM Compressed garbage truck

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    The compressed garbage truck has been repeatedly digested and absorbed the advanced technology at home and abroad, based on the adoption of domestic first-class brand hydraulic and electrical parts, the new generation of sanitation equipment developed and designed by itself, so that the product performance reaches the domestic first-class level. This compressed garbage truck is simple, beautiful and generous in appearance, with excellent performance and advanced control, which is the most practical and popular garbage compressor and transfer product in the market. The top part is composed of sealed compression box, filler, shovel, hydraulic transmission system and electrical control system, using the market-tested hydraulic transmission, electrical control and two-way compression technology, through the automatic control system, to achieve the dumping of garbage, strong extrusion, two-way pressure filling, with the advantages of high pressure, good sealing, convenient operation, safety and stability, etc., mainly for municipal sanitation, enterprises and factories, construction sites, communities and materials. construction site, community property
It is mainly applied to the collection and transfer of domestic garbage in municipal sanitation, enterprises and factories, construction sites, communities, institutions and colleges.

HONGYAN 6*4 22CBM  Compressed garbage truck

Model: CL5251ZYS3S Volume: 22cbm
Total Weight: 25000kg Curb Weight: 15700kg
Size of Outter: 10260*2500*3450(mm) Loading position: Rear end loading
WheelBase: 4375+1400mm Tire Size: 11.00R20
Transmission: 6-Speed Tire Number: 10
Front/Rear Axle: 4.8T/11T+11T Brake System: Air Brake
Fuel Type: Diesel Emission Standard: Euro 5
Engine Model: WP7.240E51 Power: 176kw/240HP
Displacement: 2400ml

 Standard Equipments:
   The upper part of the box is equipped with an arc-shaped box, and the bottom plate is seamlessly welded with folded edges, eliminating the risk of leakage. Tail filler, mainly used for garbage loading, tail bucket hanging mechanism, and various types of garbage loading. The electronic control system is equipped with one button unloading and automatic lifting function.    Hydraulic oil tank, back pressure valve/compaction valve, balance valve, rear lighting, power take-off, multi way directional valve, and drain outlet of vehicle rear filler are made of galvanized material, which can effectively prevent corrosion of the drain outlet caused by long-term sewage discharge and are durable.

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