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HOWO 2-bit board Car transportation vehicles

HOWO 2-bit board Car transportation vehicles

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        The car is a vehicle manufacturer to produce the vehicle, through the car to the production of vehicles transported to the 4S stores around the country for sales, through this way to transport, will not play any wear and tear on the vehicle, will not lead to the vehicle kilometers, so as to give consumers a closest to the factory when the vehicle.

Model: CLW5070TCLZZ3 Car parking: 2
Total Weight: 7360kg Curb Weight: 4800kg
Size of Outter: 6470*2500*3160(mm) Loading position: Rear end loading
WheelBase: 3360mm Tire Size: 7.50R16
Transmission: 6TS55B Tire Number: 6+1
Front/Rear Axle: 3T/7T
Brake System: Air Brake
Fuel Type: Diesel Emission Standard: Euro 3
Engine Model: ISF3.8S3141 Power: 103kw/141HP
Displacement: 3760ml

 Standard Equipments:
               According to the structure of the car body, we can classify the car into skeleton type, semi-enclosed type and fully enclosed type. Skeleton type: the side pieces are composed of columns, without side panels, without front piece, rear door and top piece. This form of car light weight, low cost, low fuel consumption, but the transport of goods is not convenient, and the car is easy to damage. Fully enclosed type: the side and front pieces are enclosed by mask, with rear door, and the top piece is of canopy pole and cloth. The car is heavy, high cost, high fuel consumption, but can protect the car, and can be transported to other goods; semi-closed: no top piece, its characteristics between the two

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