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Howo 4x2 Wash Sweep car 7 cubic bins 9 cubic water tanks

Howo 4x2 Wash Sweep car 7 cubic bins 9 cubic water tanks

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Road sweeper with road cleaning, road cleaning curb and curb facade washing, low pressure washing, spray dust removal and other functions. There are "full sweep", "left sweep", "right sweep", "full sweep", a variety of operation modes to choose from. Choose "full cleaning" mode to clean the square and road surface, high cleaning efficiency and good effect, cleaning rate of more than 95%. Select "Left Sweep" or "Right Sweep" mode to clean pavement and curb. Select the road sweeping mode when you need to clean or clean the road surface. When spray dust removal is needed, start the spray device for spray dust removal. Can be like a sprinkler on the road for low pressure washing operations. Road sweeper is suitable for urban roads, expressways, squares, airports, wharfs, tunnels, Bridges, isolation walls, curb and curb facade mechanical cleaning, cleaning, spray dust removal and other cleaning operations.

Howo Wash Sweep car 7 cubic bins 9 cubic water tanks

Model :


Garbage box volume 7m³
Total Weight: 18000kg Clean water tank volume 9m³
Curbe Weight: 11440kg Size of Outter: 8550*2500*3200(mm)
Number of axes: three WheelBase: 4200mm
Tire Size: 8.25R20 Transmission: 6-Speed
Front/Rear Axle: 5T/8T Brake System: Air Brake
Fuel Type: Diesel Emission Standard: Euro 3
Engine Model: ZZ1107G451CD1
Power: 113kw/154HP 
Displacement: 3760ml

Maximum speed


 Standard Equipments:

Road sweeper have Two sweep plates + wide suction nozzle, high cleaning efficiency, the maximum suction particles up to 100mm. In addition to a variety of conventional operation modes, the product also includes low-pressure washing, hand-held spray gun operation, spray dust removal, cleaning stone along the road and other functions, can realize the high-pressure cleaning car and road sweeper, sprinkler functions, to achieve a multi-purpose car; Can achieve a car multi-purpose.  Road Sweeper Can realize the installation of snow shovels, snow rolling and other auxiliary operation tools.

Howo Wash Sweep car 7 cubic bins 9 cubic water tanks